Patient Reorder Program Phone Script

As a best practice for offices that have been highly successful with the Patient Reorder Program, the best way to impact your recalled patients is to send them a postcard, e-mail or letter first and follow-up with a phone contact. This helps reengage patients. We've included an example of what your office might say during the follow-up phone call.


Successful Phone Basics

Quickly review the patient’s file for information. When you talk to this patient, it is great to have a point of reference with them and remind them of the good relationship they had with the doctor and staff.

Be excited to call the patients. This will be a determining factor in whether the patient gets needed health care. When a patient comes in for care, they win — and so do you and your office. You must be willing to help the patient overcome barriers.



“Hello Mr. Smith, this is _____________ from Dr. ________’s office. How are you?”

  • Using the information you found above, engage the person in conversation. For example, you could mention something about them or their family or about the treatment they received.


“Doctor ________ was reviewing charts and noticed that you haven’t been in since ______________ and asked me to call you. How has your health been lately?”

  • Let the patient talk. Do not make them feel unimportant.


“The doctor considers your foot health important. That’s why it’s a good idea to get regular biomechanical exams (or whatever is appropriate for this patient) and would like to have you come in and see him. When is the best time to schedule: in the beginning of the week or in the latter part of the week?”

  • Continue until you have an appointment. Notice that you do not give an alternative to not come in or ask the patient to decide if they want to come in.

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