Patient Reorder Program Overview

Footmaxx is excited to partner with your practice to assist the patients you serve. The patient reorder program ensures the quality and continuity of your care and represents an untapped resource for growth in the orthotic portion of your business. By recalling your existing patients, you are able to receive feedback on the care you have provided and assess the need for ongoing care. One of the best ways to advertise in your community is by reactivating previously satisfied patients.



To reassess all Footmaxx orthotic patients who ordered an orthotic product in the past 24 months. A new orthotic would be dispensed to all appropriate patients following the re-examination.



Call Customer Support to be sent an e-list of your patients who ordered orthotics from the clinic during this time period. This data can be correlated with the clinic patient database so that contact information can be used for patient follow-up materials, like a postcard, e-mail, or letter.


Program Information

Just follow these easy steps:


Getting Started

  • Establish an appropriate reorder coordinator to direct this important program. Use the tracking form to show progress.
  • Pull the patient contact information for all patients on the list provided by Footmaxx.
  • Choose an initial contact vehicle: Footmaxx reorder postcards, sample e-mail or sample letter.
  • Print postcard labels using instructions provided, or print sample letters on office letterhead.
  • Send initial contact.
  • Follow-up initial contact with phone call to book appointment.


Staff Motivation

Create a Patient Reorder Contest - set a goal of recalling every patient on your list and reward successes.  Find what motivates your staff and use that to ensure both patient and practice success!

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