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RE: Lifestyle, Health or Features Story (high technology medical advancement: computerized gait analysis)

Dear ____________:

Foot care is one of the fastest growing, yet most neglected, areas of healthcare today.  The incidence of foot problems increases with age, making this issue timely and important to baby boomers and especially those who suffer from diabetes. 
As well, the popularity of high heels makes this an interesting topic for women as they suffer from four times as many foot problems as men.


When you think of orthotic therapy, you might think of plaster cast molding. And you would be correct. But orthotic therapy (custom inserts worn in shoes) is in the midst of major technological advancement. Metascan™, a computerized gait and pressure analysis system from Footmaxx, is an innovative diagnostic tool that analyzes foot function when a patient stands, walks or runs across a mat. The result is a computerized gait analysis report that provides a thorough clinical assessment to help the doctor prescribe custom orthotics – literally within minutes.

The Metascan system has several uses both for the treatment and prevention of foot problems, especially among diabetics who sometimes can avoid lower extremity amputations with annual screening and gait analysis. As well, abnormal foot function can lead to ankle, leg, knee, hip and even lower back problems.

The purpose of this letter is to advise you of this revolutionary technology and how it can (and has) helped thousands of people. I think will find this topic interesting on your segment on . Please call me at your earliest convenience to discuss  the possibility of  incorporating a story on this advanced technology into your editorial calendar.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. I can be reached at (xxx) xxx-xxxx.


Dr.’s Name

P.S. Visit the Footmaxx website for more details about this system (

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