Marketing Tips

  • Use your website to let patients know that you offer custom foot orthotics.
  • Make sure you have Footmaxx literature on display throughout the office (waiting room, treatment rooms, windows), including brochures and posters.
  • Set up a Footmaxx orthotics display in the waiting room; this may prompt questions from your patients. You can also set up a Footmaxx shoe display as well with samples from the product line.
  • Rotate locations of marketing resources on a regular basis.
  • Designate an accessible area of the office to scanning patients.

Daily Procedures

  • Get in the habit of turning on the Footmaxx system when the office opens. Be sure the mat is hooked up and working properly.
  • Confirm that the previous day’s orders have been sent to Footmaxx and call those patients whose orthotics have arrived.
  • Create patient files for the day and place insurance information on clipboards.

Monthly Marketing

  • Prepare and send letters to reorder patients based on the Footmaxx Reorder Program
  • Schedule appointments with reorder patients
  • Analyze orthotics sales; compare numbers from a three-month perspective and a one-year perspective.
  • Register for a Webinar.

External Marketing Strategies

  • Reach out to local sports teams, golf courses, schools, health fairs, etc., and schedule scan days.
  • Build relationships with local medical offices to gain patient referrals.


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