Media Tips

Working with the media can sometimes be intimidating. Following are some tips to help make contacting editors and reporters a little easier:

Get to know your local media. Familiarize yourself with local newspapers and other publications, radio or television stations before you pick up the phone, so you can talk about how the story fits into their editorial content. Media are often wary of a business or person who seems to be self-promoting.


Marketing Tips

  • Use your website to let patients know that you offer custom foot orthotics.
  • Make sure you have Footmaxx literature on display throughout the office (waiting room, treatment rooms, windows), including brochures and posters.
  • Set up a Footmaxx orthotics display in the waiting room; this may prompt questions from your patients. You can also set up a Footmaxx shoe display as well with samples from the product line.
  • Rotate locations of marketing resources on a regular basis.
  • Designate an accessible area of the office to scanning patients.


Marketing Toolkit

This gallery contains marketing images to use in your practice for advertising and other marketing avenues.


Patient Reorder Program Phone Script

As a best practice for offices that have been highly successful with the Patient Reorder Program, the best way to impact your recalled patients is to send them a postcard, e-mail or letter first and follow-up with a phone contact. This helps reengage patients. We've included an example of what your office might say during the follow-up phone call.


Patient Reorder Program Address Labels

From Avery®

Step 1: Get Started

  • Go to and click Design & Print Online at the top of the toolbar on the left side of the page.
  • Select Create by Product. Note: The first time you visit this page, you will be prompted for some customer information. Once you’ve completed it, close the window and select Create by Product.
  • We recommend 15160 for address labels, but you can explore Avery’s product line if you’d like to view different options or customizations. After you’ve selected your Avery product and the design you’d like to customize, choose the Mail Merge editing option and click Next.


  • Patient Reorder Program Sample E-mail/Letter


    Dear (Patient Name),

    It’s time for a check-up!

    It’s been a while since you got your last pair of Footmaxx orthotics, so I’d like you to come in for a reassessment. New orthotics may not be necessary, but I’d still like you to come in for a visit so we can make sure you have the best correction and support available. If you’ve changed your activity level or your orthotics are wearing down, we may want to reorder another pair.


    Patient Reorder Program Postcard

    • Footmaxx has provided a high-quality file for printing postcards. It is an individual 4.25 inches by 5.5 inches postcard.
    • Take the Sample Postcard file to the local printer (Kinkos, Fed-Ex Store, Office Max, Office Depot, etc.) and ask that it be printed on 10 point, coated-one-side, cardstock paper with no bleed. The solid red side should be a glossy (coated) finish, and the addressable side should be a matte (uncoated) finish.


    • Patient Reorder Program Overview

      Footmaxx is excited to partner with your practice to assist the patients you serve. The patient reorder program ensures the quality and continuity of your care and represents an untapped resource for growth in the orthotic portion of your business. By recalling your existing patients, you are able to receive feedback on the care you have provided and assess the need for ongoing care. One of the best ways to advertise in your community is by reactivating previously satisfied patients.


      Sample Press Release



      Dr.’s Name

      Clinic/Practice Name

      Street Address
      City, State/Province, ZIP/Postal Code
      Phone Number

      RE: Lifestyle, Health or Features Story (high technology medical advancement: computerized gait analysis)

      Dear ____________:

      Foot care is one of the fastest growing, yet most neglected, areas of healthcare today.  The incidence of foot problems increases with age, making this issue timely and important to baby boomers and especially those who suffer from diabetes. 
As well, the popularity of high heels makes this an interesting topic for women as they suffer from four times as many foot problems as men.


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